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3 Steps to Realistic Goal Setting

Goal setting is everywhere. And there are many different strategies to set the perfect goal. But what actually works?

No doubt about it, goals give us direction, aspiration and dedication

But they can also make us feel deflated should we not achieve them how we set them out

Here my three no nonsense steps to goal setting for any situation

You don't even need to be SMART to do them

  1. Instead of deciding what you want to do. Decide who you want to be

"winning the national title" relies heavily on how everyone else in the competition does

"Becoming the type of rider who can produce a sub 30 double clear at the level of the national championships" makes the outcome controllable, and measurable. Plus you're far more likely to do well as a result

2. What can you honestly still do on your worst day?

I believe a lot of goals fail because we aren't really the type of person we are when we set them

Positive Polly will have you believing that you can fit in an hour of yoga every morning, blended spinach is delicious and you really care about cleaning your tack after every ride

Negative Nancy knows otherwise. She will make you kick yourself a bit for even suggesting it

Figure out the minimal effective dose and optimise for Nancy. Should Polly turn up, you can always go for more on that day

3. It's going to go wrong at some point

You know this by now

If you can, look at where it's gone wrong for you before and strategise. Or talk to someone who has been where you're going so you can try to avoid the same pit falls.

Inevitable a curve ball will appear and you will deal with it when it does

You might not be able to plan for it. But you can deal with it

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