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Rebecca Golding

Improving performance through partnership between horse and rider

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Since learning to ride as a child, I knew I would spend my life and career with horses. I didn't grow up in a "horsey" family but I still immersed myself in anything to do with horses whenever I could. After leaving school, I begun an apprenticeship which lead me into the lifestyle I dreamt of.

The diverse range of horses and people I have encountered throughout my career have contributed to the development of my training system. I focus on nurturing the partnership between horse and rider as I believe this is the true key to performance.


I am fortunate enough to have three horses of my own who I take great pride in producing and caring for. I have previously trained and ridden to intermediate level eventing and fox hunter showjumping. A lot of my work has been centred around breaking and bringing on young horses as well as those that might need an alternative approach to their training. 

My adaptable, approachable coaching style blends an understanding of traditional horsemanship with with recent developments of research based protocols. I prioritise the rider being able to continue the progress of a training session on their own and encourage feedback with an open line of communication. 



  • BHS Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship

  • BHS Stage 5 Stable Manager

  • BSc (hons) Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation 

  • Accredited Professional Coach

  • Pony Club Approved Coach

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